Family Mission Statement

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The Family Mission Statement Gathering Box includes 15 double-sided cards to be shared and filled out as a family. Cards include themed discussion questions that will point you toward your family's unique mission.

The beautiful, hand-drawn prints on the front of each card can be framed, hung, or pinned to the fridge to offer a daily reminder of your mission statement. Each box also comes with a custom fine-tip pen and a velvet heart to be used as a talking piece while you brainstorm and discuss your family's mission statement. 

Faith + Family Collective

Our Mission

Our mission at Faith + Family Collective is to provide practical and beautiful resources for today’s parents that support and encourage them to share faith in their home in simple and meaningful ways.



The dinner table can be many things. Ours is messy and loud and too often rushed. The women of Faith + Family Collective have done something truly wonderful for us parents. They've created products that are just simple enough to fit into our lives and just challenging enough to call us out of our messiness. Their resources allow for intentional family moments and make our dinner table the one thing it was always meant to be, sacred.

Father of three

With their combined years of experience with youth and families, they have cultivated practical tools, useful language, and beautiful resources to guide families in bringing Christ’s light and love into their homes and communities. 

Youth Coordinator

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