Surrendering to the Wind this Lent

A friend shared a spiritual folktale with me that I will be reflecting on this Lent. I thought it may also be helpful for you on your own Lenten journey.

A few drops of rain started falling in the northern part of the land. Small bits of water hitting the side of a mountain. Before long, the water began to form a small stream. As time passed, and more rain fell, this stream took on a life of its own. It now had a current to push it down the mountain with an even greater force. It began to upend vegetation and plow things over that were in its way.

This stream that began so simply was now a force to be reckoned with. It continued down the mountain side until its water reached the desert floor. As it threw its waves onto the barren land, it was pushed right back. The parched earth thirsted for the water. The stream could not pass through the desert. It tried with all of its might, but could not move forward.

It became frustrated. Then, it began to hear something speaking in the wind. The wind was saying, “You cannot cross the desert without me. Lift your waves up towards me and I will absorb you and carry you across.”

The stream thought about this for awhile, “How do I know I can trust you? I have spent time developing myself into a powerful stream. I don’t want to lose my identity by giving myself to you.” The wind told the stream to be silent for awhile and to remember.

To remember the feeling of the wind at its back as it came down the mountain, and the whisper of the wind as it breathed softly around the stream. The stream finally began to remember. The stream had not forgotten, it freely opened itself up to the sky. As it did, the wind absorbed the water and carried it over the desert floor where it fell again on different ground and continued on its way.

For me, Lent is a time to remember. To throw my arms open to God and surrender. Sometimes I find myself powering down that mountain thinking it’s all me, I’ve got this whole journey figured out. But it is Him I need to carry me through. He is the real power. This Lent, I want to be absorbed for awhile. To sit in the arms of the Spirit without worrying about where I will fall next. To remember that I am dust. Dust which the wind carries to whatever is next. To lose my self so that I can find Him again.

This Lent - Jesus, more of you, and less of me.

Download this free print as a visual reminder in your home, here:

Some questions for reflection:

+What parts of my life are hard for me to invite God into?

+What do I need to give to Him this Lent?

+What are some simple ways I can sit in the arms of the wind this Lent? How can I lead my family there?

+Who is one person I can connect with this Lent that helps me deepen my faith?

+How can I give pieces of myself away this Lent?

+Can I begin the next 40 days every morning saying, “Jesus, more of you, less of me” to give Him my will, and see what He does with it?

A few resources for your family this Lent:
Perfect to start at any time - Ash Wednesday, a few weeks in, Holy Week, etc.

1. Lenten Family Reflection Kit:

This Kit invites families into simple moments of focused conversation and prayer. It explores the milestones of Jesus’ life and calls us to follow in His footsteps. This Kit can be completed throughout the 40 days, just during Holy Week, or all in one day as a family mini-retreat. *Available individually and in bulk*

Learn more here.

2. The Prayer Plate Gathering Box:

This Box gives your family the opportunity to better understand your neighbor. In becoming aware of the blessings and challenges others might face, our children develop the gift of empathy. Kindness in our kids doesn't just happen; it is the result of intentional moments with parents and other adults who talk about it, teach it, and model it. This box includes everything you need to set an extra place at your table for a special "guest" who will become present through intentional conversation and prayer. The perfect family tradition to begin this Lent!

Learn more here.

3. Compassion Cards:

Choose a card from the tin and use the bullet points on the back of each card to engage in intentional conversation. Take a few moments to pray for this person. An action step is provided on each card to continue to notice and serve your neighbor in whatever way possible. Set includes 25 unique cards. **These are the same cards included in our Prayer Plate Gathering Box.

Learn more here.

You will be in our prayers this Lent!

Pam + Jyllian