Meaningful Tips + Tools for Back to School!

School is starting back in modified classrooms, at kitchen tables, in living rooms, and divided up gym spaces. Every single creative solution has been looked at and each liability has been assessed. Yet, for the most part things still remain outside of our control.

What do we do as people, as parents, as children when we can’t control our situations?

As we begin a new school year, our children are watching how we accept a new reality, and in the process they are learning what they will do in situations that challenge them one day.

Let’s give them some coping strategies that allow them to learn patience, prayer, perseverance, finding silver linings, and seeing beauty in our daily circumstances.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to teach character in the face of adversity. Who knows, this school year might be one for the books! Not for what our children didn’t learn, but for what they did.

Here are 3 helpful tips for you as you begin a new school year!
We are all afraid of what the effects of today's situation will be for our children. This fear can quickly turn into worry. Turn that fear into trust by bringing your worries to Jesus. He has a plan for our lives that includes today, tomorrow, and this entire school year. He loves our children and families even more than we do!

Download our Back to School Family Prayer Experience. It gives you some prompts to help everyone process their thoughts and feelings about this new year and a blessing to share together that reminds us that God is in control.

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To keep checking-in with one another, schedule a weekly time to come together for a few minutes as a family and be reminded to look for blessings, practice gratitude, set goals, and have some fun!

The Huddle Pad has prompts and planning tips to easily make this happen. Don't just assume you will check-in with one another when you get the chance...schedule it!

To learn more and shop the Huddle Pad: click here.

We know our friends. We know those who will be searching for the good in situations and those who can take us down a negative rabbit hole. Choose carefully as you lead your family. Share your pearls with those who will support you, but also lead you in a positive direction. This is something you do have control over - the people you process with.

You are the most important ingredient as your family heads back to school. Decide the direction you want to lead in.

We are praying for you! Pam + Jyllian

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