Listen to the Wisdom of the Autumn Trees

The trees teach us a beautiful lesson every Autumn. Their branches are never more beautiful than when they are letting go. As their leaves turn burnt cinnamon and fall to the ground they whisper to us that letting go is a part of growing. Part of our own spiritual journeys include transition, change, and letting things fall into place. Sometimes it can be toughest for us to let go of our own expectations and the way we thought things would go. We are called to trust in a plan we may not be able to see at that moment.

I wonder if the trees get anxious each fall as they lose a piece of themselves? Do they know that they will eventually bloom again? And that the dead leaves sitting all around them will become part of the food that will feed their growth for what’s next?

Have you ever sat in a pile of “dead leaves” wondering how you could ever grow again? Notice the tall, vast trees with their barren limbs as they look up to the evening sky. What once was a view blocked by their own branches packed with foliage, now holds a sky filled with stars. As things fall away, other things become more clear. We are called to trust God, by leaning into the things that are most important. These things become essential, our life-line, as we begin to rebuild.

Sometimes Autumn comes in with a cool, soft wind that ever so gently allows the leaves to fall to the ground. Other times, some tougher weather takes all the leaves in one large swoop. We, too, are presented with life’s difficulties, changes, and challenges. Whether it is a move, broken relationship, financial struggle, loss, divorce, illness, unrealized dream, etc. Sometimes it happens suddenly and other times we slowly have to let go. As we are left feeling barren, we are called to wait and to trust God. He offers a promise. That where there is nothing, there will eventually be tiny buds that produce new life. We believe in a God who let go and came back again. Dying and rising were part of His journey, too.

So if you find yourself being plucked away, being called to trust in what you cannot yet see, gather hope from the Autumn trees that certainly will be green again.


When leaves are no longer connected to their life source, they wither and die. Jesus is our life source - when we disconnect, we wither as well. Bring some fall leaves inside and share this message around your table as you make the craft below!

Craft idea from: @homeofuandme


That's it! Hang on a gift, pin to a bulletin board, use as part of your fall home decor - the options are endless!

Listen to the Autumn trees this Fall!

Jyllian + Pam