I Don’t Think I’ve Met a Pumpkin I Didn’t Like.

I am always on the hunt to find the first batch of pumpkins. They usually start with the small, cooking pumpkins, and then a few days later you hear the words, “Trader Joe’s has pumpkins!” As soon as humanly possible, I am searching through those large brown boxes filled with the good stuff. I am sure of the exact ones I want - the ones I have been dreaming about since last Fall.

But, as soon as I dive into that box, something happens. I am overwhelmed by the beauty - how knotted warts on orange melons can be so beautiful, how an exotic sunset can be brought to life on pumpkin skin, how green veins on a white pumpkin can be absolutely magical, the beauty of nectarine and peach pumpkins, or muffin-top shaped beauties, the odder the better. And then my “at first glance” easy decision, is now “how can I fit every one of these unique works of art into my car?"

Somewhere in the midst of my pumpkin shopping, I got to thinking - pumpkins are a lot like people. You only think you could ever really love a couple of them. But, once you look a little deeper, the one with the odd shape and the twisted stem has a lot more interest than you thought.

With people and pumpkins it is best to be open to all the possibilities. You may need a bigger table as you invite in people whose beautiful uniqueness will end up growing you in all sorts of wonderful ways.

1. Pumpkin Decorating Isn't Just for Kids
Pumpkins aren't just for kids to carve! Some dried flowers, ribbon, fabric scraps, stamps, and old crafting favorites can bring you back to life for a few minutes after the kids are asleep! Here are a few we stayed up late to make!

Pumpkin 1: Take a sharpie and write down all the reasons why you love Autumn OR write down all the people and things you are grateful for - adding one word per day until you fill up your pumpkin!

Pumpkin 2: Use stickers to decorate your pumpkin (no mess!). These are from Hobby Lobby.

Pumpkin 3: Tie some ribbon around your pumpkin and add some dried flowers! Add a sweet tag and gift to a friend!

Decorate your own pumpkin and make sure to tag us! We would love to see your creations! @faithandfamilycollective

2. Pumpkin Reflection: A Pumpkin Carving Family Reflection
To bring a few meaningful moments to your carving tradition.

Pumpkins aren't around for long - seize the moment!

Pam + Jyllian