Conversation Hearts...Literally.

Add a little conversation to your Valentine’s fun! Discover what each of you LOVES. Print out the PDF below and cut out each of the 14 hearts. Leave them around the house for your children to find, choose a few to answer at dinner time, or bring them in the car for some on the go connection! 

Download Printable Here: Conversation Hearts

If you love these conversation starters, check out our Connection Cards! The set includes 25 cards, with 50 unique questions. Keep these cards in your car, purse, or backpack and use them at home, on vacation, or around a table to connect with those you love most. May the questions allow you the precious gift of being present to the thoughts and ideas of others. It is these connections and conversations that help deepen relationships. As phone usage and reliance on technology increases, researchers have observed a steady decline in human connection. Use these Connection Cards to talk, listen, laugh, and share with someone you love! 

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