Bedtime Blessing

As a new mom, I am beginning to realize how important a bedtime routine can be - both for myself, and my baby. I know there will be constant changes depending on her age and stage, but right now, it feels likes we have finally hit our groove. We go upstairs, take a warm bath, change into pajamas (me too!), read a few books, feed, say our prayers, and sing her to sleep. This evening time together as a family of three has been sacred. It’s not always peaceful (cue over-tired screams), but I know we both need the consistency and routine that it brings. 

Throughout my entire childhood, my mom and dad would tuck me into bed, trace a cross over my forehead, and say “God loves you so much and so do we. Now sleep with the angels.” This simple blessing has become such a keystone in our family. So much so, that it is the same blessing I repeat over my baby every night during our prayer time. I know that if my husband and I continue to pause, and mark this moment before bedtime with a simple blessing for the next 18 years of her life, she too will one day be repeating it over her children. What a special legacy!

As we begin a New Year, we wanted to give you a new blessing to add to your own bedtime routine, a Blessing of the Senses. You may choose to use it every night or on special occasions (birthdays, before a big test or sports game, etc.). Feel free to pray the entire blessing, or break it up over the week. We hope it adds a peaceful rhythm to your bedtime routine!

Download PDF Here: Blessing of the Senses

Blessing of the Senses

Happy New Year!
Jyllian + Pam