Autumn Hygge

September is here! Jyllian and I wait all year for Autumn to enter, in all it’s sunflower and pumpkin glory! We just can’t help ourselves - the smallest hint of crisp air and the glow of cinnamon candles burning in the evening make us come alive.

I guess we are “Autumn Hygge” people. Autumn says toss a blanket on the couch, bake an apple pie, visit an early morning farmer’s market, and simmer a pot of soup all day. It begins to call us inside for an earlier twilight and has us dreaming of a good book and a warm cup of coffee.

Autumn never, ever disappoints - and no matter how hot it remains in Southern California, or if we have to run the air conditioning as we burn a fire in the fireplace, our spirits dance.

Autumn lives in our minds as we transport ourselves to idyllic New England scenes while we put out pumpkins and create a dried floral wreath. Autumn is a tradition, one you can count on. The yearly apple picking, pumpkin carving, and mum planting. The supermarket and its bags of Halloween candy, swimsuits replaced by festive coats, and coffee spiked with pumpkin spice.

A few Autumn things we are already planning:

+ An apple picking afternoon turned into an apple pie evening.

+ Making a fall wreath with dried flowers, pampas grass, and silk ribbons.

+ Making our favorite cream of chicken soup and serving it in bread bowls.

+ Decorating our entryway with pumpkins, cornstalks, and mums.

+ Getting out our favorite festive bowls for the Halloween candy.

+ Carving pumpkins and watching them glow.

Join us in your own traditions, and linger in your imagination as Autumn enters.

Below is our favorite Autumn soup recipe. Let us know if you make it for your family!

For some extra-special family faith activities for the Fall, check out our Monthly Calendar Set!

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